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"Durga Krishnan’s performance was a rich and satisfying introduction to the veena, perfectly assembled and marvelously executed. Her improvisations were structured as beautifully as Sonny Rollins saxophone solos, with motifs introduced casually, then brought back over and over for cumulative effect."

- Steve Elman in The Arts Fuse,
The Culture of New England: Criticism, Commentary and Conversation

"Durga’s program was a wonderful opportunity for us to bring attention to the history and repertoire of the South Indian veena. The Museum has a wonderful old veena of this type in its collection, and although it is sadly no longer playable, we are blessed to have the kind of rich and diverse musical resources in New England that allows us to call on someone like Ms. Krishnan to educate and enlighten people about an instrument that they might never have been aware of before."

- Darcy Kuronen,
Curator of Musical Instruments, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

"Durga Krishnan Presents A Lecture On Origin And Development Of The Veena At The MFA" Lokvani News

"Music teacher hopes to make ragas the rage" INDIA New England

"Congratulations on your wonderful progress. You are making beautiful music accessible to anyone with a computer! What an exciting project (Ganesa Pancharatnam Project 2006 for RasikaPriya) — many people will benefit from your ambition."

- Dave DeHoogh-Kliewer,
Director of Choral Activities, University of Sioux Falls.

"The students' recording (Ganesa Pancharatnam Project 2006 for RasikaPriya) is TERRIFIC; I was truly blown away (as we say in the music biz). Kudos all around... It's really great on so many levels, but first and foremost it's great music, it really works, it makes me want to dance! Plus, the whole educational/DIY (Do-It-Yourself) angle is brilliant....and, expertly presented."

- Phil Kaplan,
Member of Board of Directors,
Learn Quest Academy of Music.

"The Ganesa Pancharatnam orchestrated and produced by Durga Krishnan with musical interludes composed by her, is an appealing blend of voices and instruments, sung and played mostly by children. While retaining the music popularized by M.S.Subbulakshmi, for the stanzas, Durga has embellished them with instrumental interludes, each of which builds up to the succeeding stanza through passages replete with beauty and intricacy of melody and rhythm. It marks an auspicious and apt launch of a project by RasikaPriya to popularize Carnatic music to an audience ot familiar with its idiom. The audio along with notations in the western music format is expected to enable easy learning and playing."

- Sujatha Vijayaraghavan,
Distinguished Musician & Musicologist.

"This camp (Carnatic Music Summer Camp-2006) was a true pleasure. The material was presented in a clear and enthusiastic way by Durga Krishnan. Durga is an outstanding Veena player that has the skill and patience to make a great teacher as well. The choice of material and the mix of both performance and theory made it a thorough and rich learning experience."

- Bruno Raberg,
Professor at Berklee College of Music.

"Durga Krishnan, played the veena, an instrument rarely seen in fusion concerts. Special mention should be made of the fact that the Veena, a unique instrument for a fusion concert, stood out amongst all with its distinctive, divine and melodious sound."...more

- Geeta Srinivasan, India New England

"Durga Krishnan must be commended for making this unique concert happen and for her excellent veena playing."...more

- Lokvani

"The second piece, titled 'Reminiscence' composed by Durga Krishnan in Raaga Hindolam certainly allowed many in the audience to appreciate the beauty of such an exercise where even die hard traditional classical music lovers applauded."...more

- Lokvani

"Durga Krishnan is New England's much sought after Veena artist and beloved Teacher, and that is her best introduction. Whether giving lessons on the Veena to her students or enthralling the audience with her performance at community events, her passion for the instrument and her love for music is unquestionable"...more

- Nirmala Garimella, Lokvani